Trinity Spiritual Growth Center

People experience spirituality in many different ways. Trinity Spiritual Growth Center was started to honor the many pathways to spirituality present in our community. While this center is housed in a Presbyterian Church, the focus is on contemplative practice and spiritual renewal gathered from many traditions. The Center recognizes a larger mystery that some call God, others call Spirit, and others have no name for at all. We welcome you to grow in your spiritual exploration without being defined by a single tradition.

Trinity Presbyterian Church: Come, worship God in a peaceful setting. Go out to serve God’s world.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Trinity Presbyterian Church is to create a safe environment for anyone to learn, explore, and seek God. Jesus is among us when we make room for all persons with their questions, doubts, beliefs, ideas, and passion. We take seriously Jesus’ assurance, “What you do for the least of these in my name, you do for me.” We are ever seeking to grow in faith, understanding, service, and love.

Where We Are

Trinity Presbyterian Church is approximately 0.5 mile west of Oktibbeha County Hospital at 607 Hospital Road in Starkville, MS. Trinity’s entrance is marked by a large bronze cross on the south side of Hospital road. The church is nestled in the woods, set back from the road.


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